He is still the same person and he still made the same efforts

Driving is a privilege, not a right. However, it is a very important privilege. For many people, driving is a means to sustenance and survival. He is still the same person and he still made the same efforts. I’ll leave you with a final quote from Gordon Strachan who has… Continue reading

“If you stay out of trouble,” the judge said, “the world is

Reporter: The bustling Texan family gives new meaning to going big. So we have this six seater stroller. It is about 90, 95 pounds to push. Down to the card with a serial number which further checking showed was also fake. Well, we did it! Congratulations. Congratulations, I have a… Continue reading

About UsWe often think of the last Monday in May as a day

Jupiter casts a deep, dark shadow. Dark enough, in fact, to effectively kill Juno if it flies through it. Rather than let the spacecraft spend 12 battery draining hours in Jupiter shadow, and then attempt a risky resuscitation on the other side, NASA took another course of action: a 10.5… Continue reading

Sequencing of a second polyubiquitin cDNA from pea leaf

The pea ubiquitin extension tail amino acid sequences showed considerable homology to tails from other plants, animals steroids, yeast and protozoa, including a nuclear localisation site and a putative zinc binding nucleic acid binding domain, the positions of which are conserved within the tail sequences. Sequencing of a second polyubiquitin… Continue reading

I try to do the same on regular trucks / street wheels and it

Only a few places including the central United States were cooler than normal last year, but 2013 had no El Nino, the warming of the central Pacific that happens once every few years and changes rain and temperature patterns around the world. It’s not just about melting ice, threatened animals… Continue reading

Firefighters and Rob Pilon were sent inside to perform the

First project looked at the management of working capital by colleges and school districts, and found that an excess of working capital has developed over time which needs to be addressed. The second project examined year end expenditures to determine whether financial management practices and controls are being applied consistently… Continue reading

What had been a manageable situation for years (WAWA managers

Nothing fancy, but worked well enough. We also did pint glasses as our wedding favor, which also doubled as seating placements. Most of the beer kicked, there was maybe a gal of the wheat beer left at the end of the night.. My family recently field tested this simple system… Continue reading